Student Code of Conduct

The District Code of Conduct serves to create a safe learning environment to ensure academic success. If this objective is to be accomplished, it is necessary that the school environment be a safe and supportive community.

To assist students, parents, guardians, administrators, and school personnel in maintaining a safe and supportive environment, the District Code of conduct will:

  1. Describe rights and responsibilities of district staff
  2. Describe the responsibilities of district staff
  3. Identify prevention strategies thought the use of PBIS
  4. Identify classification of incidents and describe corrective strategies for minor behavioral incidents and disciplinary consequences involving suspension or expulsion on egregious incidents
  5. Standardized procedures for administering disciplinary actions
  6. Describe the rights of students with disabilities related to discipline

Transforming a school to a positive school climate supports academic achievement and promotes fairness, civility, acceptance of diversity, and well as mutual respect. Southside ISD has adopted and is implementing the  framework of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to assist in these efforts.

PBIS is a proven, research and evidence-based discipline program that emphasized school-wide systems of supports. PBIS emphasizes teaching students to behave in ways that contribute to academic achievement and school success that support a safe school environment where students and school staff are responsible and respectful. PBIS also emphasizes the need for school staff to promote appropriate behavior by teaching, modeling, and reinforcing appropriate behaviors and by treating minor misbehaviors a teaching moments.

PBIS guidelines are developed at the district level and at each campus. To review campus PBIS procedures contact the campus principal.