Southside Students Continue to Soar in Academics: Staff Boasts Academic Performance at Sandy Oaks Town Hall

Julianna Attendance 1
(San Antonio, TX) –  Southside ISD has a staff that is dedicated to students and ensuring they have the best education. One way you can see this is through the devotion and caring of teachers and staff every day in the classroom. “I try every day to make sure our students not only know they are in a safe place but at a place that opens doors for them today and in the future. Reading is my focus, but my colleagues here and all over the district work hard to give these kiddos the best education,” says Cindie Cantu, Gallardo Reading Specialist. Mrs. Cantu is not alone; teachers and staff all over the district are dedicated to making sure our scholars are getting the best education, and it is shown in the data. As the superintendent of schools, Rolando Ramirez likes to say, “The data doesn’t lie.”  Southside ISD has shown academic improvement in nearly every grade level and subject. At a recent town hall at Sandy Oaks, parents, and community members were given updates on the academic performance of our students as of October 2023, just after the first nine weeks wrapped. Superintendent Ramirez says the improvement by our students is impressive, “Southside ISD continued to improve in all tested subjects. This trend continues this school year as we compared last year’s 1st nine weeks benchmark scores to this year’s benchmark scores. This has been possible because of the hard work and dedication of our students and staff and the support of our parents.”
Sandy Oaks Town Hall on October 25, 2023.
Below are graphics illustrating the improvement. You can also see a presentation on academics by clicking this link.

First 9 weeks snapshot

Click the link for a letter from the superintendent addressing the latest on the Accountability Rating lawsuit.