Jumbotron Crew Behind the Scenes at the UTSA Game

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 4.28.55 PM

Southside ISD students were behind the scenes at the UTSA  vs UAB game held at the Alamodome Saturday, Oct 14, 2023. The Jumbotron Crew students from Southside High School were invited to be part of the live broadcast production which aired on the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network also known as ESPN. Students worked  in the control room, on cameras and on the field alongside the A/V Information Technology Services Division team from the Alamodome. They received one on one training and insight that will help sharpen their skills.

Our students were given this opportunity because they impressed the Alamodome’s production team back in May during Southside’s graduation ceremony. 

We are thankful to the Alamodome staff for allowing our students to have this experience. 

Southside ISD is committed to ensuring our students have opportunities like these that will help facilitate and shape their future.

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