Southside Police Office Bringing Awareness to a Tough Topic

Domestic Violence Month Story 1
Southside ISD Officer Jennifer Villareal is trying to end Domestic Violence one “nail” at a time.  The passionate office started a campaign that involves her classes in connection to October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Officer Villarreal says, “I am going to have all my Criminal Justice Classes Participate in the Put The Nail In It Campaign. I will supply the purple nail polish, and those who are interested will come to Room 713 to have their ring finger nail painted for Domestic Violence Awareness.”  The Southside HS  Criminal Justice Program’s goal is to spread the word that Southside ISD cares about Domestic Violence Survivors. They want to spread knowledge in hopes of breaking the generational cycle of violence.
Purple Thursday, or “Go Purple Day,” is a national day of action on Thursday, October 20th, put on purple to take a stand against intimate partner violence. Officer Villareal is asking that you wear all things purple to symbolize peace, courage, survival, honor, hope, and personal dedication to ending Domestic Violence everywhere. She says, “Southside is a huge loving and caring community. I  am confident my goal will be reached with everyone on board.”
SHS Volleyball Team Participating in Awareness Campaign

Officer Villarreal (Left) with SHS Police Explorers