2022 Innovation Grant Winners! Plus! The 2023 Application Now Open!

Congratulations to our 2022 Innovation grant winners

Menchaca ECC Wins a Grant! 

Menchaca ECC Heather Siebert  Grant for $1837.38

Nurse Heather Siebert won a grant for her innovative grant application called  Teddy Bear First Aid Clinic to Menchaca Early Childhood Center for our kindergarten students. This activity can be a parent involvement or one incorporated into our curriculum. Our kindergarten students (and parents) would be taught age-appropriate basic first aid, safety, and what to do in case of an emergency.

Heritage Elementary Won Two Grants!! 

Heritage Success with Series Books – $3320

Applicants Principal Elise Puente, Erica De Hoyos, Claudia Rios-Wright, and Dr. DeVonna Friesenhahn (now at Southside High)  applied for a grant to encourage students to read Book Series. Many adults have childhood memories of reading series of books such as Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, or books written by Dr. Seuss.  Reading a series of books has many positive benefits for developing readers. This grant would allow us to order a book series set for each staff member on our campus. The purpose of this is to increase reading motivation among our students. Studies show that students who read book series become better readers and read more frequently for fun. This, in turn, is linked to better performance on standardized tests. Several other factors are positively influenced by book series, such as complexity and richness. Within a book series, the author can develop a character and plot with much more complexity than if it were a single book. Book series also boosts student comprehension as well as their confidence level. 

George Perez  PE Coach  –  Gym MakeOver –  $ 6361.91

Coach George Perez, a SISD Alumn and forever Cardinal,  convinced the grant committee that innovation could come in the form of a gym makeover. He was able to tie exercise to student outcome goals, and Voila!

“By being a Physical Educator, I have given the kids the tools they need to learn what it is to live an active healthy lifestyle and also build those friendships that I once built myself.”   The gym makeover will add items outside the school’s budget to help develop motor skills and learn to be healthy. Coach Perez also added the practice of good safety skills.  Heritage Elementary is more than 20 years old and is currently outdated regarding facility and safety equipment. 


Southside ISD Innovation Grant Applications are NOW OPEN. Apply for up to $10,000 in grant money. Deadline to Apply  is Friday April 14, 2023.  Click here for the Link https://forms.gle/sK4pbiWSXyu3Epbf7