Cardinal Spotlight Week of October 26: Heritage Elementary School

Diana Falto joined our Heritage team two years ago as the Special Education Facilitator. Ms. Falto is a real professional when it comes to keeping up with all the documentation that is needed in her position. Things always run smoothly when she’s handling a meeting. In addition, she took charge of coming up with a workable schedule for our paraprofessionals this year, even though the daily changes to scheduling and asynchronous and synchronous learning were challenging. “Way to go Falto!” (quote from the movie, The Replacements).

Bonnie Seabolt is an excellent student at Heritage Elementary. Her teacher said that it has been a delight to have her in class this year! She is eager to learn and will do whatever is necessary so that she can join class virtually every day, even if it means she has to join from her phone. We love that she is so willing to participate in class and share her insight with her classmates. We are so lucky to have her as one of our students! Bonnie, congratulations on being our Cardinal of the Week! We are very proud of you.