Cardinal Spotlight Week of October 12: Pearce Elementary School

Southside Alumni and Pearce Nurse Jennifer Farias, shares her kindness, positivity, and medical expertise with our students, staff, and family each day. Always someone you can count on, Nurse Farias, puts band-aids on cuts, hearts, and spirits. She takes the time to get to know her students, assists outside of the Nurse’s office, and communicates with our parents. Thank you, Nurse Farias, for being an awesome part of our Pearce Family.
Pearce 2nd grade students, Gemma and Levee Perez are both very generous girls with very respectful manners. They are helpful around the classroom and always willing to help their peers. Both are always full of smiles from the start of the day until the end of the day and great reminders for keeping a positive attitude. Smart, kind, chicken lovers, and hard to tell apart, Gemma and Levee bring normalcy back to our halls each day. Thank you, girls, for being awesome role models at our school!