Cardinal Spotlight Week of October 12: Freedom Elementary School

Helen Doria has served as our Dyslexia Therapist. Mrs. Doria does an outstanding job of posting events going on on our campus. She is very knowledgeable about how to address the needs of her students. She is always helping her students and creates a great relationship with them and willing to serve our students to make them better readers.

Joziah Valencia, one of our 3rd-grade dual language students is self-motivated and a hard worker. He is responsible and respectful. He is always polite and greets everyone with a smile. He also was one of our student leaders last year and he took his role as a leader very seriously. He made sure not to forget a meeting or task. He volunteered for extra activities and duties. Lending a helping hand is one of his best qualities. Congratulations Joziah on being our Cardinal Spotlight for the week.