Cardinal Spotlight Week of October 5: Gallardo Elementary School


Isela Jacobs is a third-grade teacher. She is a member of the PTO Executive Board and is always willing to be of assistance in any way. She is currently working with our curriculum team to ensure teachers are getting lesson plans for our virtual classrooms. We really appreciate her kind heart and a happy smile.

I would like to nominate Kamara Houston for our Cardinal Spotlight. She is a very helpful student in an online environment. She is enthusiastic about learning, she is knowledgeable and able to teach her classmates how to use the technology for their benefit. She also taught us how to make Emoji’s on the Chromebook mousepad using two fingers and clicking twice. This was such a helpful shortcut to learn because now when students can follow along they give me a “thumbs up” emoji in the chatbox. Kamara’s positive attitude towards learning influences her peers and the work that she submits is of high quality.