Cardinal Spotlight Week of October 5: Heritage Elementary School


This week’s Heritage Cardinal Spotlight is our LID teacher, Gloria Davis, and first-grade student, Natalie Sutton.

Gloria Davis is tasked with an ever-growing class, but takes it in stride, always wanting to put the needs of her diverse students first. Mrs. Davis also works hand in hand with many of our paraprofessionals and she does so with grace and professionalism. She is always ready to lend a hand or share a smile when it’s needed. For her, teaching is a family affair because her husband teaches at Matthey MS and she has two daughters that are Southsiders too. Thank you for all you do for Heritage and especially for its students.

Natalie Sutton is an enthusiastic learner, not only online but in her everyday life. She looks for things to read and numbers to add and subtract. Even though she is enjoying sharing this learning experience with her mother, she really misses spending time on the carpet with her friends at school. Keep up the great work and positive attitude Natalie!