Cardinal Spotlight Week of October 5: Matthey Middle School


Mrs. Julie Talbert is the Cardinal Spotlight for Matthey Middle School. Mrs. Talbert has served several roles at Matthey MS. Her current role has her providing services to our most at-risk students in their social studies classes. She is a true example of Cardinal PRIDE and her passion for our students with special needs shows. She is the ultimate team member and is always willing to lend a helping hand where needed. As a member of the community, a parent of a Southside ISD senior, and a staff member she truly personifies our “We Are One” Motto.

Xavier Saenz
Xavier is a 6th grader at Matthey MS. Xavier is usually one of the first students to answer every single question that is being asked whether it is in the chatbox or using the “raise hand” feature to verbally answer the question. He has excelled in his assignments by turning in all work either before the deadline or on time. Xavier is not one to answer with just one word or one sentence when it comes to his homework, instead, the work he turns in is full of detail and evidence.