Cardinal Spotlight Week of October 5: Losoya Middle School


Raquel Garcia- is a Southside High School graduate and has lived in the Southside community her entire life. She has been in the district for many years and is currently Principal, Joel Gaines, secretary here at Losoya Middle School. She is actively involved in her children’s education. Mrs. Garcia is a self-starter and will get things done prior to ever being asked. She is highly organized and if extremely efficient. Mrs. Garcia is always willing to lend a helping hand in whatever task is asked of her. She came to Losoya last year and has been a super asset to our team here at Losoya; we are blessed to have her here.


Grecia Renovato is a 7th-grade student this year. She has been actively participating in her google classes. She is a sweet, respectful, and kind young lady who is always very helpful. She has many animals that she loves and she takes an active part in caring for them daily. With her friends, she is very trustworthy, and if there is ever a problem she uses her mediation skills to try and resolve the situation.