Cardinal Spotlight Week of August 21: Freedom Elementary School

Ingrid Palacios is always willing to share her resources to assist in student success. She is a wonderful teacher and the students love working with her.  Mrs. Palacios gives her whole self to teaching her students.  As she prepares for her instruction, she ponders how her students will respond to each lesson.  She strives to be proactive and plan according to their needs and learning styles.  All while building strong relationships with each of her students.

Vincent Strange is full of creativity! He is always willing to participate in class discussions and has insight into things far beyond a third-grade level. During our distance learning, Vincent absolutely flourished. He participated actively and did an outstanding job in his projects, especially his wax museum!  I am extremely proud of how strong he finished out the year and look forward to seeing him soar in 4th grade. (Mrs. Arellano, Vincent’s former 3rd-grade teacher)