Cardinal Spotlight Week of August 21: Heritage Elementary School

Belinda Jasso is a 5th grade teacher. She has worked at Heritage since the school opened in the fall of 1999. Belinda is such a dedicated teacher!  She is one of the first teachers to arrive at work and usually one of the last ones to leave each evening. Her favorite subjects to teach are Math and Science. Back in 2011, she started the Heritage Robotics program. In 2018, she was awarded a grant from the Southside ISD Foundation for new Robotics kits. Belinda also serves as the Team Lead teacher for her grade level  and is the Gifted and Talented Facilitator for the campus. 

Jaciella Flores is a caring, thoughtful, and loving student and friend. She is funny and likes to play pranks on her siblings. Jaciella loves school and being a hard worker! She enjoys distance learning and her virtual class. Jaciella has always been studious at everything she does!