Southside Education Foundation Donates to Innovation Grants

The Board of managers voted to accept a donation of $9809.17 to be divided up into three Innovation Grants. The SISD Education Foundation board of directors awarded the following innovation grants to the 2017-2018 school year:

“Message in a Bottle Project” for SHS and Pearce Primary
Applicants: Donna Martinez, ELA Instructor and Demetria Sance.
This is a program that focuses on innovative way to teach and get students engaged in poetry and share the message in a bottle between Pearce students and High school students.
Grant Award – $1317.45

“Coding with Ozobots” for all Southside Elementary Schools.
Applicant: Dr. Sam Ebong
Ozobots will help introduce coding with also helps with critical thinking and problems solving, students will be exposed to smart tablets, phone apps with touch and graphic interfaces to control robots at an early age.
Grant Award – $3635.84

“Flexible Seating for 3rd graders” for Heritage Elementary
Applicants: Claudia Rios Wright, Carol Calderon, Rachel Ramirez, Diana Holguin, Belinda Jasso, Blanca Peralta and Tara Lindow.
Flexible seating decreases behavior programs and off task behavior and has been proven to increase attendance. The different seating options that will be purchased are exercise balls, cushions, stools, picnic tables, wobble stools, and bean bags.
Grant Award – $4855.88