Board Of Managers Announce Student Outcome Goals

The Board of Managers Report: The Board of Managers have announced that a major priority for them are the academic student outcomes of Southside ISD students.  During their Lone Star Governance training  they set four major goals for the superintendent in regards to students outcomes.  These goals were also worked on by the SISD Leadership team and presented at the regular board meeting on August 17th.

Goal 1:

Academic success as measured by Index 1 will increase from 60 points to 80 points by 2022.

Goal 2:

Increase the enrollment of PK-4 from 85% to 95% by June 2022.

Goal 3:

Students in Kindergarten, First and second Grade will show a year’s growth in literacy from 50% to 100% by 2022.

Goal 4:

Southside ISD will increase the number of graduating seniors earning a minimum of 12 college hours or CTE industry certification from 35% to 67% by 2022.

View detailed outline of academic student goals from the Southside ISD leadership team presented to the Board of Mangers on August 17, 2017.