Project Prom Dresses is a Perfect Fit

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Hundreds of dazzling formals in rich blues and greens, sparkling gold and pink, red and black made their way to a special closet at Southside High School this week.

Several Seniors were already knocking on Mariana Torres’ door wanting to know when the dresses would be arriving. Within a short time volunteers from Project Prom Dress were already pulling up at the high school with boxes full of dresses that have been donated for prom. This year a special treat included tuxedos for young men. “We’re very excited that this year we’ve gotten donations to help some boys here at Southside get tuxedos we already had one young man call us.”  said Lina Prado from Project Prom Dress.

Mrs. Torres is also excited and helps to spread the word to connect with young girls and young men now to make sure that they have the perfect outfit for prom. “ This is special for them. Some families can’t afford it sometimes and this is a great help.”
This has been a generous donation to Southside ISD for about six years now. If you are interested in helping or donating to the cost, please contact us at 210-882-1600 and ask for Mrs. Mariana Torres.