Student “Charges” Ahead with Solar Energy

solar pic 2

(San Antonio, TX) – Southside High School is one of the first in the city, if not the state, to have a Solar Canopy and Table. The inconspicuous table is located in the courtyard near the gym, and it is more than it seems. “This is awesome,” said Nadine Solis, a sophomore who applied for a grant last year as a Freshman. Solis won the more than $8,000 grant that allowed the high school to purchase this solar-powered charging station. It literally uses solar power to charge phones, tablets, and computers. This is a result of a grant from the San Antonio Scholar Eco Grant through the city, and it was inspired by teacher Ms. Alexis Flores. “I encouraged several students to write grants, and we have six others that also won; each of them is different and exciting.” As the other grants are awarded, the district will post on the website; for now, everyone is basking in the solar-powered glow of success and getting charged for a fun Spring semester.
A special thanks goes out to the SISD Maintenance Department, Johnny Flores, and his team for putting the table and canopy together.



Nadine Solis applied for the grant and won.
Johnny Flores with the Maintance Department and his team helped.



Mrs. Flores encouraged students to apply.