Southside ISD Employee receives $1000 Cash for Kindness

Ms. Pam Rodriguez holds $1000 cash after being selected for Fox 29's Cash for Kindness program.

When tough times fell on Gallardo Elementary School special education paraprofessional Ms. Pam Rodriguez, teacher Amy Fulk sent an email and nominated Rodriguez for Fox 29’s Cash for Kindness program. The program awards $1000 to nominees selected who go above and beyond in giving of themselves despite experiencing life’s hardships. When Wolf arrived at the Gallardo Elementary classroom, he entered under the guise of profiling the classroom for its outstanding work. Then, as he approached Pam Rodriguez, Wolf said, “I know you’ve been having a hard time lately and yet, you continue to help others. We’re here because of you and we want to give you one-thousand dollars.” At that moment, Rodriguez, the paraprofessional and Ms. Fulk, the teacher, began to cry. “I’ve been taught to help others. It’s just the right thing to do,” said Rodriguez. She recently moved in with her sister and experienced a death in the family. True to form, however, she plans on helping others with the award she received.