Metal Detectors to be installed in all Southside ISD schools

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Olivia Ramey pulled her boys, ages 4 and 5,  from a charter school to Southside ISD after witnessing a noticeably positive difference in how Southside administrators worked with families. “We’re very proud that our children started at Menchaca Early Childhood Center. The way they’ve been treated is top-notch,” said Ramey. She’s also glad the school district, this week, approved installing 29 walk-through metal detectors at all campuses. “I think it’s awesome. I feel that every school should have it because of the way the world is right now. We need everything we can to protect our children,” said the proud parent.  The district already has metal detectors and has been using them at district games this academic year 2022 – 2023. Now, there are plans for the metal detectors to be installed within the next few weeks. Mrs. Ramey is already planning on talking with her young sons about the metal detectors they’ll soon be walking through. “They understand more than what we give them credit for. I hope all parents would explain to their little ones why,” Mrs. Ramey said. In surveys the district sent to parents last summer and fall, parents overwhelmingly supported the school district in installing metal detectors.