Southside ISD Students Prepare to “Stomp the STAAR”

STAAR pep rally

On Tuesday, April 18, in Southside ISD classrooms and across Texas, students will begin taking the most rigorous State Assessments of Academic Readiness. The Texas Education Agency measures academic achievement using the STAAR exam. However, this year’s STAAR will be completely online and redesigned to include:

  • Embedded writing
  • Short constructed responses
  • Extended constructed responses
  • Revising and editing
  • Writing in reading, science, and social studies exams

In an upbeat talk with students at the Gallardo STAAR Pep Rally, Southside ISD Superintendent Mr. Rolando Ramirez was optimistic. “The best way to tackle this is we can’t second-guess ourselves. We cannot be nervous going into this exam. So the best way is to have our students prepared and we feel that our students are prepared,” said Superintendent Ramirez. He added, “No matter the obstacle, at Southside we will never make excuses and our students are ready for this exam!”

Fourth grade student Allysyn Rodriguez motivated students in a positive and encouraging speech. She ended it by leading students in a cheer saying, “Stomp the STAAR! Stomp the STAAR!”

Last year, Southside ISD achieved a district rating of 88; making it one of San Antonio’s top five school districts. This year, the district is working hard to become an A-rated school district. “Of course, the goal is to get that A, but at the end we are just content as long as our students give it their best. No matter the outcome we are proud of our students and staff,” the Superintendent said.