Abraxas Petroleum donates its office furniture to Southside ISD

Abrabas Petroleum

A small oil company on San Antonio’s north side is making a significant donation to Southside ISD staff and students. Abraxas Petroleum donated an entire office filled with desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, and binders to the district. Company CEO Bob Watson said he never hesitated about selecting Southside ISD to receive his company’s office furniture. “Southside was my pick of schools to get it. I think it’s wonderful,” he said. The company is downsizing from its modern two-story glass structure in the Stone Oak area and moving into a high-rise building. Watson also has a personal connection to Southside ISD. He’s a property owner within the school district. “I pay taxes to Southside. I have a ranch in Southside. It’s called Bar W Farms. That’s the name on the check. I want it to go to the benefit of kids,” Watson said. The oilman also said he’s very proud of the Southside High School Cardinals football team and the district’s academic improvement. “That new guy you got as superintendent has really turned things around. That’s wonderful,” exclaimed Watson.