Southside ISD Students Witness Battle of Medina dig


Southside ISD students from elementary to high school, this week, are getting a front row seat to history. They’ve been invited to view the archeological dig for the Battle of Medina site. “In many cases it’s their family’s history. Many of their ancestors fought in this battle and owned the land here in the 1800s,” said historian Brandon Seale. No one knows, yet, where the 1813 actual battle occured. A team of about 15 archeologists from the American Veterans Archeological Recovery and the University of Texas at San Antonio arrived on school district property to search for this unsolved mystery. What is known is that the August 1813 Battle of Medina was the biggest and bloodiest battle ever in Texas history. Now, archeologists and historians are working to solve this 50-year mystery. Seale says the Battle of Medina was significant because it was the first armed attempt by the Tejanos and the Texans to take control of their own government. However, that day, Spanish Royal troops slaughtered about 900 Tejanos, Anglos, Lipan Apaches, and Tonkawa Indians. Will archeologists find the actual battle site? Seale said it is very likely. “I think it’s very realistic to find historical artifacts and to find evidence of this battle. It’s only a matter of time,” the historian said.

To hear more about the Battle of Medina, click on historian Brandon Seale’s podcast.  Read more about the dig from the San Antonio Express-News. Also view the video on