Philanthropist Kym Rapier Verette makes Largest Gift Ever to Southside ISD Students

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Philanthropist Kym Rapier Verette has made the single-largest donation ever to Southside ISD students. Ms. Rapier Verette’s grant of $510,000 is also one of the largest ever made to students in San Antonio. Southside ISD Superintendent Mr. Rolando Ramirez said, “We are so grateful for Ms. Rapier Verette’s generosity. This money will allow us to provide much-needed assistance directly to our students.” The funds will be used to support the District’s Kym Rapier Verette Food Pantry and purchase school supplies and other necessities with which children truggle. “We will also hold events which unite our community and our school district,” the superintendent said. The Southside Education Foundation received the grant on behalf of the school district and will use a portion of the funds to award scholarships. Mrs Rapier Verette has already contributed more than $2M to Southside ISD and established the Susan Hall Community Health Clinic in memory of her late mother.
Kym Rapier Verette
Southside ISD Superintendent Mr. Rolando Ramirez joins Kym Rapier Verette and husband Glenn Verette, Kym’s Angels spokeswoman Yolanda Valenzuela, and the District’s Randy Escamilla earlier this year.