Spirit of Southside Award Winners & Retirees

Losoya Middle School award-winning teacher Mr. Lucian Bogran visits with one of his students.

Congratulations to our Southside Independent School District Spirit of Southside award winners. Plus, a huge congratulations to our long-time employees who have retired. Thank you all for your service to make our District a wonderful place for our students and staff.

Here is a video honoring our winners and retirees.

Year 19-20

5 Year Honorees

MICHELLE           AGUILAR                    5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

RUBI                     AGUIRRE                    5               CHILD NUTRITION

JIMMY                 ALDAPE                      5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

CHRISTOPHER    BENNETT                    5               MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

MARIA                 BURCHELL                  5               LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

MARIA                 CANSINO                    5               CHILD NUTRITION

PAOLA                 CAVAZOS                   5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

SHAWN               DALBERT                    5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

JOHN                    DAVIS                         5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ISRAEL                 DEL VALLE                  5               MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

CLAUDIA             EMERIC                      5               LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

SADIE                   EMERY                        5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ASHLEY                FRIESENHAHN           5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

SHARON              FUERY                         5               HUMAN RESOURCES

LENORE               GARCIA                      5               PEARCE ELEMENTARY

SANDRA              GONZALEZ                 5               MENCHACA ECC

SARAH                 HAMILTON                5               SPECIAL PROGRAMS

PAIGE                   HORNER                     5               GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

MONIQUE           JANAVARAS               5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

JUAN                    JASS                            5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ANTONIA            JIMENEZ                     5               MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

ROGER                 KIRKSEY                      5               MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

REBECCA             LLAMAS                      5               HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

MARK                   LONGORIA                 5               MAINTENANCE

CHRISTINA          LOPEZ                         5               PERSONNEL

LLUVIA                 LOPEZ                         5               CHILD NUTRITION

ROBERT               MAYBERRY                5               MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

ALEXANDRIA      MEDINA                     5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

TIFFANIE             MORENO                   5               MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

DIANN                 MULLEN                     5               MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

PATRICK              MUNIZ                        5               TECHNOLOGY

MANUEL              ORNELAS                    5               CURRICULUM & STAFF DEV

ARTURO              PERALES                     5               TRANSPORTATION

MARIA                 PIERCE                        5               FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

RAQUEL               PRUNEDA                   5               FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

ROSA                    QUINTANILLA            5               TRANSPORTATION

CARLA                  RODRIGUEZ               5               FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

MIKE                    RODRIGUEZ               5               MAINTENANCE

MINNIE                RODRIGUEZ               5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

PATRICIA             RODRIGUEZ               5               PEARCE ELEMENTARY

SOLOMON          RUPPA                        5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

YVONNE              SALDIVAR                  5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

CHARITY              SALINAS                     5               HUMAN RESOURCES

ERNESTO             SALINAS                     5               SPECIAL PROGRAMS

ALICIA                  SAN MIGUEL             5               LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

ALICIA                  SAN MIGUEL             5               LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

JEHNY                  SANCHEZ                    5               LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

RAMON               SANCHEZ                    5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

AMANDA            SANTOS                      5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

LORENA               SOTO SALAS              5               TRANSPORTATION

WILLIS                  STEWARD                  5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

NEPHTALI            VALDEZ                      5               SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

BRITTANY            VINCENT                    5               PEARCE ELEMENTARY

VANESSA             WARREN                    5               MENCHACA ECC

10 Year Honorees

SAMUEL              EBONG                       10             CURRICULUM & STAFF DEV

MARIA                 ALVAREZ                    10             CHILD NUTRITION

YVONNE              CASTILLO                   10             HUMAN RESOURCES

ESPERANZA         CHULO                        10             FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

LAURA                 HRNCIR                      10             HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

GILBERT               LOPEZ                         10             MAINTENANCE

JOE                       MARTINEZ                 10             HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

MARIA                 MATA                         10             MAINTENANCE

LETTY                   SANTOS                      10             SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

CARMEN             MURRAY                    10             SPECIAL PROGRAMS

ALISIA                  PENA                           10             PEARCE ELEMENTARY

DIANA                  RESENDEZ                  10             MENCHACA ECC

CHRISTINA          ROBINSON                 10             SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

VIVIAN                 ROBLES                       10             FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

FRANCISCO         ROSAS                        10             MAINTENANCE

REBECCA             SANTOS                      10             GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

ANNA-ROSA       SOTO                          10             SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

SYLVIA                 VILLARREAL               10             POLICE DEPT

15 Year Honorees

ERICA                   BRATTON                   15             FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

YVONNE              ANDREWS                  15             TRANSPORTATION

LINDA                  AVILA-GONZALEZ     15             SPECIAL PROGRAMS

RUDY                   BERNAL                      15             TECHNOLOGY

SYLVIA                 CORONADO              15             GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

GLORIA                DAVIS                         15             HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

MARK                   FULLER                       15             MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

ALEJANDRA        GALLEGO                   15             STUDENT SERVICES

FERNANDO         GARCIA                      15             SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

HERIBERTO         GONZALEZ                 15             SPECIAL PROGRAMS

HERMINIA           GUERRERO                15             MENCHACA ECC

YVONNE              HASTY                         15             SPECIAL PROGRAMS

CLIFFORD            HERRING                    15             TECHNOLOGY

RAQUEL               IRUEGAS-GARCIA     15             FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

TANYA                 MARES                       15             PEARCE ELEMENTARY

DONNA                MARTINEZ                 15             SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

DIANA                  OVIEDO-HOLGUIN   15             HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

BRANDON           ROBINSON                 15             SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

JULIA                    TALBERT                     15             MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

GABRIEL              TEJEDA                       15             SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL


20 Year Honorees


REBECCA             GONZALEZ                 20             BUSINESS OFFICE

MICHELLE           BENNETT                    20             HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

MARTHA             GARCIA                      20             LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

CHERYL                KINDRED                    20             HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

BEATRIZ               RAMOS                       20             MAINTENANCE

REBECCA             SANCHEZ                    20             GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

KRISTI                  SCOTT                         20             HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

JOSEPHINE          VALENZUELA             20             FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

25 Year Honorees

DELLA                  GARZA                        25             GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

ALMA                   GARCIA                      25             MENCHACA ECC

KAREN                 QUEBE                        25             HERITAGE ES

30 Year Honorees

HELEN                  DORIA                        30             FREEDOM ELEMENTARY


MERCEDES                 AGUIRRE                  MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

SHEREE                       BOULDIN                  TRANSPORTATION

VINCENT                     CASTILLO                  TRANSPORTATION

FRANCES                    GARCIA                     MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS

JOY                              HAUSLER                  MENCHACA ECC

DOMINGO                 VARGAS                    MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS

Year 20-21

5 Year Honorees

SEFERINA        ALBURY                   5            TRANSPORTATION

ARRISELA        ALVAREZ                 5            FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

MASON           AREVALO                 5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

AKEILA            BANKS                     5            SPECIAL PROGRAMS

JENNIFER        BARROW                 5            GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

DAVID             BROWN                   5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ROBERT           BRYSON                   5            MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

MYLES             COLBERT                 5            MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

MERY              CORTEZ                   5            TRANSPORTATION

NORMA           CRUZ                       5            FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

SANDRA          DELGADO                5            TRANSPORTATION

ALMA              DIAZ                        5            FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

BENJAMIN      DYSART                   5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

TRACY             ESPINOZA                5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

KIMBERLY       FAIRCLOTH              5            CURRICULUM & STAFF DEV

KAREN             FELDMAN                5            GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

JANET              FLORY                      5            GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

BRIANNA        GABBARD                5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ERIC                GARCIA                   5            GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

PATRICIA         GARCIA                   5            CHILD NUTRITION

SONIA             GARCIA                   5            BUSINESS OFFICE

AMANDA        GARZA                     5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

APRIL               GARZA                     5            HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

VICTOR            GOMEZ                    5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

RUBEN            GONZALES               5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

JORGE             GONZALEZ               5            LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

GAY                 HAYES                     5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ERNEST           HERNANDEZ           5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ERICA              HOLGUIN                5            MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

ROMULUS       ILIE                          5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ROSA               JACOBS                    5            GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

JESUS              JURADO                   5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

AMANDA        KEAMMERER          5            LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL


ANGEL             MACHADO              5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

LAURA             MARTINEZ               5            GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

ERICA              MATHEWS              5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

MEYLIN           MERMELLA             5            CHILD NUTRITION

KARLA             MONTEMAYOR       5            HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

DENISE            NORTON                 5            TRANSPORTATION

ROSALINDA     ORTIZ                      5            CURRICULUM & STAFF DEV


MARCELINA    PEARSON                5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

GEORGE          PEREZ                      5            HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

SELINA            PUENTE                   5            FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

RACHAL          RAMIREZ                 5            HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

ROBERT           RAMOS                    5            MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

BRITTANY       REYES                      5            PEARCE ELEMENTARY

MARTHA         REYNA                     5            TRANSPORTATION

RAYMOND      REYNA                     5            MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

RUTH              SALAZAR                 5            MENCHACA ECC

OLGA               SALAZAR-MENDIOLA            5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ENRIQUE         SANCHEZ                 5            MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

JOANN            SILVA                       5            MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

MATTHEW      STODDARD              5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

NORELISA        TOVAR                     5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

CAMERON      TUFINO                   5            LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

NANCY            URBINA                   5            MENCHACA ECC


LAURA             WOODWARD          5            HUMAN RESOURCES

JOSHUA           YOUNG                    5            SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

10 Year Honorees

LINDA              CAMACHO              10          MENCHACA ECC

MARINA          DELEON                   10          FOOD SERVICE

LETICIA           GARZA                     10          MAINTENANCE

ROSALINDA     GONZALEZ               10          MAINTENANCE

VANESSA        GUERRA                  10          MENCHACA ECC

MIGUEL          GUTIERREZ              10          MAINTENANCE

ANDREA          JACKSON                 10          GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

JESSICA           LARES                      10          FOOD SERVICE

JAY                  LOPEZ                      10          TRANSPORTATION

GLORIA           MENDOZA               10          MAINTENANCE

MICHAEL        MONTNEY               10          TECHNOLOGY

BLANCA          RANGEL                   10          MAINTENANCE

PAMELA          RODRIGUEZ             10          GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

YOLANDA        RODRIGUEZ             10          FOOD SERVICE

LISA                 SANDOVAL              10          TRANSPORTATION

MARIA            TEJADA                    10          MAINTENANCE



15 Year Honorees


BENNY            ALLGAIER                15          SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

BRENDA          BARAJAS                 15          FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

MARIA            CASTILLO                 15          FOOD SERVICE

MARY              CASTILLO                 15          SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

TINA                CASTILLO                 15          HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

VENESSA         CERDA                     15          HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

ERICA              DE HOYOS               15          HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

DANIEL            DEGOLLADO            15          MAINTENANCE

AIMEE             ESPINOZA                15          BUSINESS OFFICE

MELISSA          GARZA                     15          LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL


TAMMY          HURLEY                   15          SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

CRYSTAL         JOHNSON                15          FREEDOM ELEMENTARY


LAURA            MARTINEZ               15          MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

SANDRA          MARTINEZ               15          SPECIAL ED

PRISCILLA        MOTA                      15          SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

MICHELE         ORTIZ                      15          FOOD SERVICE

RODOLFO        RAMIREZ                 15          SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

ELIZABETH      TAPIA                      15          GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

RELVIS             ZEIGLER                   15          LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

20 Year Honorees

RICHARD         ELIZONDO               20          TRANSPORTATION

JAVIER             GARCIA                   20          MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS

KATHLEEN      LEE                          20          SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

KATHERINE     PESINA                    20          MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

MELISSA          PESINA                    20          MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

SANDRA          VALLE                      20          FREEDOM ELEMENTARY


25 Year Honorees

MARIA            BALDERAS               25          PEARCE ELEMENTARY

ALICIA             HOGG                      25          SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

YVONNE          LEAL                        25          GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

DOLORES        VAQUERA                25          SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

30 Year Honorees

ESPERANZA    CABRERA                30          CHILD NUTRITION

JOHNNY          FLORES                    30          MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS


VICKI               MUNOZ                   30          PEARCE ELEMENTARY

JEAN               TALBERT                  30          PEARCE ELEMENTARY

NORMA          TEJEDA                    30          PEARCE ELEMENTARY

CYNTHIA         WINELAND              30          CURRICULUM & STAFF DEV


MARIA            AGUIRRE                 MAINTEANCE & OPERATIONS

GENESE           BELL                         STUDENT SERVICES


KARIN             CONTERO                SPECIAL PROGRAMS

HELEN             DORIA                     FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

ALMA              GENNERO               FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

LORETTA         GILLEN                     MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

FRED               HAYES                     CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION

ALICIA             HOGG                      SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

RONDA           MANN                     CHILD NUTRITION

MARIA            MENDEZ                  FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

KAREN            QUEBE                     HERITAGE ELEMENTARY



Spirit of Southside


ADELA                    ALVARDO                            NURSE                                HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

CARLOS                 AVILA                                   COMPUTER TECHNICIAN         TECHNOLOGY

AMY                       BEHLEN                               TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      PEARCE ELEMENTARY

KENDRA                 BLACKMON                         ACADEMIC DEAN                     LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

LUCIAN                  BOGRAN                              TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL


FABIOLA                CORTEZ                               CUSTODIAN             MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS

NORMA                 CRUZ                                    NURSE                                FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

MARINA                DE LEON                              HIGH SCHOOL MANAGER            CHILD NUTRITION

ISRAEL                   DEL VALLE                           TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

DESIREE                 FERNANDEZ                        NURSE                             SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

MARK                     FULLER                                 NURSE                                MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

AMBER                  GANN                                   NEW TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

DANIELLA              GARCIA                                COUNSELOR                         LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

PATRICIA               GARCIA                                DRIVER                                      CHILD NUTRITION

AMALIA                 GONZALEZ                          CUSTODIAN             MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS

VANESSA               GUERRA                              TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      MENCHACA ECC


JOHN                      HENDRICK                           NEW TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

CLAUDIA               HERRERA                             PE ASSISTANT            HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

MISTY                    HINOJOSA                           CN MANAGER – LOSOYA                 SUPERINTENDENT’S NOMINEE

TAMMY                 HURLEY                               SECRETARY TO PRINCIPAL             SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

VIRIGINIA              KELSEY                                 NEW TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      PEARCE ELEMENTARY

YVONNE                LEAL                                     NURSE                              GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

BERNADETTE        LONG                                   NEW TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

HELDA                   MANCILLAS                         NEW TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      LOSOYA MIDDLE SCHOOL

LAURA                   MARTINEZ                          LIFESKILLS AIDE                       GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

SANDY                   MARTINEZ                          SLPA                                       SPECIAL PROGRAMS

DELMA                  MURRAY                             PRE K AIDE                       MENCHACA ECC

JOE                         NINO                                    MAINTENANCE       MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS

AMANDA              OCHOA                                SPECIAL EDUCATION AIDE                       FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

CARLOS                 PERALTA                              TECHNOLOGY LAB AIDE                       MATTHEY MIDDLE SCHOOL

RACHAL                 RAMIREZ                             TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

LUZ                         RAZO                                    NEW TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      HERITAGE ELEMENTARY

HORTENCIA          RETANA                               CHILD NUTRITION SPECIALIST            CHILD NUTRITION

DANIELA                ROMERO                             TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      GALLARDO ELEMENTARY

JULIA                      SALINAS                               BUS AIDE                       TRANSPORTATION

JENNIFER               SNIDER                                TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      FREEDOM ELEMENTARY

SYLVIA                   SOTO                                   BUS DRIVER                  TRANSPORTATION

JEAN                       TALBERT                              ATTENDANCE/PEIMS CLERK                     PEARCE ELEMENTARY


NORELISA              TOVAR                                 TEACHER OF THE YEAR                      SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL

NEPHTALI              VALDEZ                                SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL                 CABINET NOMINEE

FRANK                    VASQUEZ                            HEAD CUSTODIAN – HIGH SCHOOL                 SUPERINTENDENT’S NOMINEE

CRISTELA               VASQUEZ-LOPEZ                HEAD START TEACHER AIDE                       MENCHACA ECC

SYLVIA                   VILLARREAL                        SECRETARY                             POLICE DEPT

JESSICA                  ZAPATA                               TECHNOLOGY LAB AIDE                       PEARCE ELEMENTARY