Counselor Awarded $6000 for Massage Chairs

(San Antonio, TX) –  During times of increasing stress and compounding work loads it is no secret that many people are feeling the effects physically, emotionally and mentally. Late in 2020 former Assistant Superintendent Dr. Genese Bell and Lead SISD Counselor Mrs. Atlee Gonzalez brainstormed on innovative but helpful options to alleviate stress at work. The trick was to also try and show the district’s appreciation to all educators and staff at Southside ISD.   Ideas flowed from calming and self care kits to spa style massages. Ultimately the answer came in the form of a General Support Grant to the Southside ISD Education Foundation to help fund  massage chairs for every campus. Mrs. Gonzalez’s extensive research and argument for why such equipment was both moving and convincing the grant committee.  The SEF Board of Directors agreed, in times of extra ordinary conditions, funding the purchase of the massage chairs was the least they could do to help.  Below is the award letter recently sent out to the SISD staff.   Click here for the award letter.