Philanthropist Kym Rapier-Verette Meets Supt. Ramirez

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No one has donated more to advance Southside ISD’s children than philanthropist Kym Rapier-Verette.

Superintendent Rolando Ramirez said words cannot describe the impact Kym Rapier-Verette has had on Southside ISD. “There is a medical clinic for our students, staff, and parents because of her. The food pantry serves thousands and she does not ask for anything in return and she continues to ask if she can be of assistance,” said Superintendent Ramirez.

Kym Rapier-Verette is the single largest individual donor helping Southside ISD’s children and community donating a total so far of more than $1.5 million. Ms. Rapier-Verette knows the needs in the District and made an appeal to other donors on behalf of Southside ISD’s children. “I hope more people step in to help,” she said.

In mid-January, Kym and Glenn Verette welcomed Superintendent Rolando Ramirez and Director of Public Relations Randy Escamilla into their home on the North Side.

Kym received a portrait of her late mother Susan Hall for whom she named the Susan Hall Community Health Clinic at Southside ISD.

The newlywed couple also watched a video of Southside ISD Pearce Elementary students singing “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. Choir teacher Ms. Rhonda Casillas said, “I chose the song because we need to know we can count on each other.” She added, “We are so grateful to you, Kym, and you will always be a Cardinal in our heart.” The video touched Ms. Rapier-Verette as she wiped away tears.

In the video, Pearce Elementary School art teacher Ms. Lynissa Ross also showed Kym a portrait she painted of Kym and her mom that will hang inside the clinic. “In the portrait, your mother is embracing you and is proud of everything you’ve done at Southside. It also includes sunflowers which your mother loved,” Ross said.

Superintendent Ramirez said, “Kym is polite, humble, and down to earth and makes you feel comfortable. With enormous gratitude, he added, “Her actions speak louder than words,” he said.