Cardinal Spotlight Week of January 10: Pearce Elementary School


5th-grade student, Aaron Rangel, always shares his positive greetings to anyone he passes in the hallways. His big smile lights up his face and the day of everyone he greets. Aaron loves dancing, singing, and fashion. He always works hard to improve in academics, takes ownership to make sure that his work is completed on time, and always willing to participate in class discussions. Aaron has excellent attendance, awesome manners, and a positive attitude. Thank you, Aaron, for always starting our day with sunshine.

Where would we be without Nurse Desiree Fernandez! She has been our go-to since the start of COVID-19 and continues to blaze through the challenges we face each and every day when it comes to the safety of our facilities, students, and staff. She consistently supports and guides school nurses throughout the district, uses her time to address COVID cases in our district, shares her knowledge and expertise with others, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Thank you, Nurse Desiree, for your commitment to our Southside students and staff. We appreciate you and all that you do!