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Cardinal Spotlight Week of January 10: Matthey Middle School


Israel Del Valle is the Matthey middle school cardinal spotlight for the week. Mr. Del Valle was selected by his peers as the Matthey Middle School -Teacher of the Year for 2021. The following comments supported his nomination: “Del Valle is an amazing example of what Matthey teachers should resemble. He’s humble, hard-working, and has a heart for our students. Every time I enter his classroom, students are engaged and intrigued.” ” In a word, Mr. Del Valle is a TRANSFORMATIVE teacher. It’s not just that he cares about his students or his fellow math teachers. It’s that his steadfast, calm demeanor allows his students to develop confidence in themselves. I think that the fact that his example trickles out and improves the work of those around him is the best compliment I could possibly extend.” Congratulations to Mr. Del Valle.

Erick Guzman is a virtual leader for our 8th graders. He is an active participant in Zoom meetings by asking and answering questions, participating in break-out rooms, and using the chat feature when needed. He consistently has his camera on and is a Matthey Example for all students. Erick is an active member of NJHS, an avid reader who continues to help us reach our AR Goals. Great job Erick, keep it up!

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