Cardinal Spotlight Week of September 14: Freedom Elementary School


fes-09142020Crystal Johnson is a 2nd-grade teacher at Freedom. She is such a dynamic teacher who is full of energy and creativity. She is enthusiastic when she teaches and adds engaging activities and graphics into her lessons. There’s never a dull moment in her classroom! She consistently communicates with her students and parents in such a genuine and positive manner and this has developed trusting relationships among them. Crystal is one of our dedicated Leader in Me Lighthouse Team members, has served as our Jr. Lighthouse sponsor was a grade-level teacher in the past and is one of our 2nd-grade curriculum writing team members. We are proud of her work and dedication to our students, parents, and the Freedom family!

Isaiah Barajas is an outstanding 5th-grade student here at Freedom Elementary. He is a natural leader and friend to others. Isaiah stands up for what is right and feels that everyone should be treated with respect. He has been a student leader in Jr. Lighthouse since he was in 3rd grade. Isaiah takes pride in his work and at times finds solutions thinking outside of the box. He enjoys learning and a good challenge. He enjoys his extracurricular classes such as art and music. Isaiah has always been described as a curious student with many questions and a constant thirst for more information. He enjoys talking to his teachers and fellow classmates on a variety of topics from video games to history. Congratulations Isaiah on being our Cardinal of the week.