Cardinal Spotlight Week of July 17: Menchaca Early Childhood Center


Jacqueline Peters is a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at Menchaca. Mrs. Peters has high expectations for her students and believes in all of her students’ abilities to be the best. With her high expectations and positive attitude, her pre-kindergarten students achieve and meet her expectations. She is a team lead and helps guide her team with lesson planning. In the classroom, Mrs. Peters provides her students with engaging lessons where all students are enthusiastic to learn. She provides every opportunity to incorporate technology into her lessons for student use. She is definitely providing the littlest of learners in our district with the educational tools and a strong foundation that will help them be successful in their academic journey at Southside. Menchaca is lucky to have her.

Jacob is a hardworking and determined student! He loves math and writing. He gives everything his all and it is no surprise that he isn’t only an all star in his classroom, but also on the baseball field! Jacob could be seen on campus looking out for his little sister, helping staff, and spreading kindness to all. When he isn’t helping his teachers at school he can be seen riding his bike and being outdoors.