Cardinal Spotlight Week of June 19: Menchaca Early Childhood Center

Joshua Maciel is a Special Education Paraprofessional at Menchaca ECC and a Southside HS Alumni. Mr. Maciel is a team player, cares about all, and is always willing to assist all students  at Menchaca all while doing so with a positive attitude and a huge smile. He is outgoing, and volunteers to be a member of different committees on campus, such as PBIS and yearbook. His dedication to the school and the community in which he grew up shows that he is a Cardinal at heart. We are proud of Mr. Maciel and all he does for Menchaca
Awbree Wilkinson is a Menchaca Kinder Graduate. This was Awbree’s first year in school, and she took to learning wonderfully. Awbree enjoyed all of the components of our Kindergarten day and was eager to learn and do well in all her tasks in our classroom. She especially enjoyed reading silently from her Book Bag and she absolutely LOVED singing all of our classroom songs and never shied away from doing so. She’s TINY but MIGHTY! Awbree was very well mannered and could always be heard responding with a “Yes, Ma’am”! She had the responsibility of being the Table Helper in her group and always stayed on top of their needs, and was always willing and eager to help in any way possible. These qualities earned her Cardinal of the Week for our classroom.  It was wonderful to see Awbree grow this year in class and to continue to learn as she joined our Hangout sessions each week. Awbree stays connected to me by sending me photos of her garden’s harvest and I won’t soon forget how she always ended our Hangout sessions with, “I love you Mrs. V!”