Cardinal Spotlight – Week of June 12: Matthey Middle School


Mrs. Adrianna Trawford is one of Matthey’s Instructional Coaches and our Cardinal Spotlight of the Week.  She works tirelessly as a support, both instructionally and emotionally for our teachers.  She always presents with a smile and a “Good Morning”, which is welcomed by all.  During the Covid-19 school closure, she was a saving grace for all of us struggling with technology! She would troubleshoot, guide and fix anything that needed to be done.  She’s awesome and Matthey loves her!

Markus Davis is an 8th grade student at Matthey Middle School.  Markus is loved by peers and teachers and his presence just brings joy to those around him..  Markus makes everyone smile with his high fives.  Matthey will miss Markus as he advances to High School next year.