Cardinal Spotlight – Week of June 12: Freedom Elementary


Vivian Robles is our Reading Intervention Specialist. She is passionate about reading and loves her students.  She is alway willing to go that extra mile and take on any task to ensure the success of our students and campus.  She is dedicated to our students and works tirelessly making sure every child excels in reading. She goes out of her way to build positive, caring relationships with everyone. Mrs. Robles is very knowledgeable and willing to help whenever asked. She also helps support Freedom teachers with reading instruction and Leader In Me initiatives. Mrs. Robles is an essential part of our Freedom family and demonstrates teamwork, flexibility and professionalism. She does things with a smile and always provides support in any way that she can.

Eli Dacy loves his school, he loves to learn, and he loves to cook! Eli is a very determined student. He works hard and takes pride in his work.  He is a great friend and is extremely helpful.  Eli did an amazing job as one of our Student Safety Patrols.  A job he did not take lightly.  Eli’s family shared with us his passion for cooking.  Eli loves to attend chef’s classes and make meals for his family.  He makes delicious food such as chicken fried steak, stir fry, and meatloaf.  He dreams to open a restaurant when he grows up, and has a name picked out and everything.  We know with his determination and spark, Eli will do great things.  Way to go Eli! Keep up the great work.