Southside HS senior wins $40-thousand scholarship

Isabella Garcia has deep roots in the Southside Independent School District. Both of her parents attended and graduated from the District. Now, Isabella, a proud product of Southside ISD is the winner of the $40,000 College Board Scholarship. About 250,000 students applied for the prestigious scholarship. Isabella is one of 25 high school seniors in the United States who applied for and was randomly selected for the award.

The news stunned the Southside senior. She said, “I thought the chances of me actually receiving the scholarship were so remote that I forgot about it completely.” Isabella added, “As you can imagine my surprise when my family was gathered around me while I received a video call from the College Board.”

Isabella, 18, was a cheerleader and athlete who remained focused on her school work, and as a result, ranks among the Class of 2020 Top 10. “As her parents, we’ve always known Isabella to be a very independent, special and gifted child, who does the most spontaneous things with outcomes that make us overjoyed with her achievements,” said her mother Raquel Garcia.

And when the opportunity to apply for scholarships opened up, Isabella jumped at the chance. She already knew she wanted to join her older brother, Christopher, at the University of Texas at Austin and major in pediatric physical therapy working with special needs children.

Southside High School Principal Ms. Demetria Sance says Isabella is receiving the benefits of studying. “Throughout high school, Isabella pushed herself to excel in her courses, many of which were upper level. In doing so, her hard work has been rewarded with this opportunity,” said Principal Sance. The newest College Board scholar credits Southside ISD’s educators with laying the foundation for her success. “I am extremely grateful for having been taught by the educational staff at Southside as I have already started putting the knowledge I have gained from them into my everyday life.”