Healthcare help for children and elderly

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Find out if you qualify for Medicaid/CHIPS or Medicare.

 Connecting Kids to Coverage Team is still actively assisting our families with applications for Medicaid/CHIP coverage over the phone. As we work through this time of change, we are finding innovative ways to continue to help our families get covered, especially now when having and keeping coverage is more important than ever. With schools being closed right now, I am sure that you have much less face-to-face interaction with parents, but you continue to communicate with them as you aim to keep them updated through different communication channels.

Please know that we can still assist families by answering questions and by helping them with applications for Medicaid/CHIP (this includes Medicaid applications for the adults).  Feel free to share our contact information with themWe are able to complete applications without having the applicants come to us, which not only protects them from any potential exposure, but makes it convenient for parents who now have their children at home.

Please call or email any one of these team members. They will be able to help you.

 Sara Lopez – Sr. Community Service Outreach Representative


Marlyn Saucedo – Sr. Community Service Outreach Representative


Rebecca Gutierrez – Sr. Community Service Outreach Representative


Claudia Torres – Project Coordinator