Two Southside High School juniors named elite NASA scholars

SHS NASA Scholars
Southside High School juniors Neco Jimenez, left, and Aaron Perez have been selected for the NASA Scholars program.

Southside High School juniors, Neco Jimenez, 16, and Aaron Perez, 17, have been selected to participate in the exclusive NASA High School Aerospace Scholars program.

The highly competitive program demands students committing to a one-year relationship with NASA. The program is under the direction of Southside High School science teacher Ms. Sadie Emery and Southside ISD Science Coordinator Dr. Samuel Ebong.

The Southside High students will have unparalleled opportunities for interactive lessons with NASA on activities related to space exploration, technology and aeronautics, earth sciences, design challenges such as 3-D drawing, video creation, interactive poster design, and virtual chats with NASA engineers and scientists.

Both Jimenez and Perez will have the opportunity to spend a week at NASA facilities during the summer of 2020 as part of the space program’s residential summer experience.

In addition to participating in after school science workshops, Jimenez and Perez also serve as after school science mentors.