SISD Bond Breakout Updates:Menchaca Early Childhood Center 2019 – A Soaring Achievement

Menchaca Library “Stem-nasium”

Col. Miguel Menchaca Early Childhood Center  2019 – A Soaring Achievement

Here are the latest highlights regarding construction for the 2017 Bond projects.  The construction objectives were to support a new Pre-Kindergarten Campus and a New Kindergarten Campus.   The Menchaca design included shared core facilities as seen in these stunning photos. The facility boasts two “stemnasiums,” aka libraries/technology classes and a gym.  Total enrollment for the dual state-of-the-art campus: 900 of our community’s youngest learners.  Menchaca which opened its doors on scheduled in August 2018, is projected to take care of Southside ISD’s District’s elementary school needs for the next 8 years.


Miscellaneous Campus Improvements    $1,304,250.00 

Freedom Elementary School – 19% of budgeted amount

Gallardo Elementary School – 19% of budgeted amount

Heritage Elementary School – 19% of budgeted amount

Pearce Elementary School – 43% of budgeted amount


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