Southside Students Shine at District Science Fair

Dozens of students throughout the district competed for the top spot at the district wide annual science fair held June 4th at SHS.  Experiments from which detergent gets stains out better to thought provoking questions like, ” Is black ink, black?” intrigued the crowd of people who attended. Judges from far and wide traveled to help. After a nail biting few hours the winners emerged! Congratulations to our Cardinals and their parents and teachers for all their support!



Elementary – Individual

1st – Xavier Saenz, Heritage Elem.   Check Out My Stains

1st – Xavier Saenz, Heritage Elem. Check Out My Stains

2nd –   Ethan Uriegas, Pearce Primary –    Does Talking on Cell phone Affect Driving

3rd-     Isabella Martinez, Freedom Elementary – The Little One That Could

3rd –   Evelyn Garza, Pearce Primary – Crazy Cleaners


Elementary – Class


1st Ms. Davis, Kindergarten – Life Science, “Fishing Behavior” Heritage Elementary – “Fishy Behavior”

1st Ms. Davis, Kindergarten – Life Science, “Fishing Behavior” Heritage Elementary – Fishy Behavior – Classroom Catagory

2nd Ms. Vasquez, First Grade. Heritage Elementary – “Yummy Gummy Bear”

3rd Ms Golsby, Second Grade Heritage Elementary – “Gummy Bear Lab”


Secondary Overall

1st –  Wendy Valadez, 11th grade,  “Creating the Best Cold Pack”

Secondary Overall
1st – Wendy Valadez, 11th grade, “Creating the Best Cold Pack”

2nd – Kevin Sibson, 6th Grade,  “ Which Door Knob is Dirtiest”

3rd – Raymond Payne, 6th Grade,  “ Rocket Science”

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