A Special Holiday Message From Superintendent Eads

A Thanksgiving message from Superintendent Eads:


Dear Cardinal Family,

During this time of thanksgiving, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your hard work and service during a period of transition and renewal here at Southside ISD. We are nearly 900 employees strong and growing.

Know that in the short time I have been here we all have worked hard to audit, review, adjust and amend programs to take Southside to the level of excellence I know we can reach. I have every intention of doing great things with your help. My goal, my dream is to make Southside ISD the model district of the state. Southside will become the blueprint for how a school district should run and perform. I know we can be “that story,” that story that shows Texas how we can get our students to a place of achievement and excellence that has educators asking, “How did they do that? And, “How can we make what happened at Southside happen here?” Southside will also be known for being one of the best places to work and thrive as a professional in education. Soon Southside will be the shining star for businesses, community leaders and families to grow and live in.

Southside has a history that I hope to honor with a vision of excellence and professionalism we deserve. We will all need to work together with integrity and a servant spirit to make this happen.  Recently, every one of our administrators began intense training in “servant leadership.” We are all committed to learning how to better serve you, the Cardinal FAMILY. Some of you came to a free seminar by James C. Hunter just this month and heard first hand some of the principles that we are learning …all to better serve you.  So in this time of family and thanksgiving…let me say how grateful I am for you, your work and the days to come here at Southside ISD.

God bless you and your families, rest and enjoy your break.

Mark E. Eads
Superintendent of Schools