Gallardo ES Student Wins District Vote for Veg Out SA!

The Southside SHAC voted and selected Guillermo’s drawing as the district’s winner. The committee liked that Guillermo’s drawing captured the emotion of the super hero pineapple and broccoli going after the “bad food”, in this case an ice cream cone whose only aim is to take your money!

Veg Out SA!

The campaign, sponsored by BlueCross and BlueShield of Texas and the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Foundation, will provide posters and other marketing materials available for free download on the Mayor’s Fitness Council website. The community is encouraged to download the materials and post them at their schools, workplaces and community centers to help raise awareness. The campaign will also include healthy recipes and tips to add fruits and vegetables to every day meals. Local grocery store chain H-E-B has donated various prizes for the campaign including a workplace cafeteria makeover, free fruits and vegetables for a year, and will offer free healthy shopping tours with in store dieticians starting in March.

The Veg Out SA! campaign consists of a number of components to target specific sectors of the community, and will run through May 2016. Components include:

  • Outdoor marketing campaign
  • Social media campaign
  • Employer-based contest School-based contest