What does PBIS look like on a school campus?

  • Schools will identify and post expectations in specific settings used to teach students the appropriate behavior. Southside ISD Expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

  • Staff are able to state and use the expectations and interpret them uniformly.

  • Students are taught the expectations at the beginning of the year and then reviewed throughout the school year.

  • Appropriate behaviors are reinforced. Teachers know which behaviors to manage in class and which behaviors school administration will manage.

  • Decisions regarding students are based upon data

  • Each campus has an acknowledgement system that may include tickets that students earn for exhibiting taught expectations.

  • Assemblies are held to acknowledge positive behavior and develop positive school climate.

  • Signs, banners and posters are hung around the school campus to post expectations and give opportunities to review and reteach when necessary.

  • The school climate feels positive and encouraging.