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Southside High School

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Mr. Kenneth Farrell, one of the Social Studies department's most adored staff members has been a cardinal for 15 years. Mr. Farrell teaches world history with our tenth grade team and has a great rapport with his students and peers. Mr. Farrell has a great love for history and baseball, specifically Baylor! Go Bears! SHS is very thankful to have Mr. Farrell as a member of our teaching community.
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We are proud to have 9th grader, Krista Griego, as our Cardinal Student Spotlight this week. Krista is an excellent student who works hard in all of her classes. Krista's favorite academic subject is Algebra. She is also a member of the Cardinals Basketball team. When Krista is not in school she likes to travel and see new places. She hopes to become a Veterinarian Tech when she gets done with school.

Julius L. Matthey Middle School

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The cardinal spotlight for the week is Mrs. Elizabeth Herrera. Mrs. Herrera is our ballet folklorico teacher and club sponsor. During the past two weeks she has prepared our folklorico dance group for several performances and have easily become crowd favorites. She works really hard during her classes to ensure that our students can gain an appreciation of ballet folklorico.
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The Cardinal spotlight for the week is Lillian Davis. Lillian is an extremely polite student who works really hard in all her classes. She is an honor roll student and enjoys giving back to our school by participating in the library club. We look forward to great things from Lillian.

Losoya Middle School

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Jeffry Kerrigan is entering his 3rd year here at Losoya MS. Mr. Kerrigan is Spec Ed co teacher for Science. He has done well in finding ways to collaborate with the Science team. He is willing to help and support the staff when needed. We continue to notice his drive to do well for his students. Keep up the good work Mr. Kerrigan.
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Andrea Tovar is an 8th grader at Losoya MS. She is a hard working student also concerned about completing her work. She is very courteous to the teachers as well as other students. She is a wonderful student to have in class as mentioned by many of her teachers. She is another prime example of an ascending Losoya Cardinal.

William Pearce Primary

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Mrs. Jessica Zapata is our Cardinal Spotlight staff member at Pearce this week. Mrs. Zapata keeps very busy at Pearce whether she is working with students in the computer lab, helping to organize a staff luncheon, creatively decorating bulletin boards and hallways, supporting our campus soccer teams, helping students at parent pick up or one of the many other tasks she helps to accomplish. Mrs. Zapata's helpfulness and kind spirit show in all she does. We love having her at Pearce.
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Noah Emeric is a 3rd grader at Pearce. On a daily basis Noah can be seen coming prepared for school, being helpful to others, and completing assignments while maintaining respect and kindness to others. We are proud of him for modeling the cardinal way. Way to go Noah!! Thank you for being respectful, responsible and safe.

Heritage Elementary

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This week's Cardinal Staff Spotlight for Heritage is Stacy Galvan. Ms. Galvan is new to Heritage this school year. She serves as our Dyslexia Therapist. You may have seen her at our Trunk or Treat event; she was painted in rainbow stripes after the book character in, A Bad Case of Stripes. Ms. Galvan is a joy to work with. She has a positive attitude and is always willing to help a colleague and support our campus. We are grateful for her and our students love her.
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This week’s spotlight belongs to 3rd grade student, Daniel Branch. He is an amazing student who aims for mastery in all academic areas. Daniel makes sure to double check all his work before presenting it to his teacher. He is quiet and thoughtful, but always paying attention. Thank you Daniel for being a role model to other 3rd graders and congratulations on being our Cardinal of the Week!

Freedom Elementary

Mr. Gabriel Pineda is a dedicated and dependable educator. He is a team player and often looks for ways to improve his craft. He never shies away from a challenge. His students enjoy being in his class. A class that is very structured and organized. He does not let his students give up. He encourages them to do their best. We appreciate you Mr. Pineda!
Aviana is a wonderful and thoughtful student. She always helps her tablemates and spends any free time reading a book. She shows kindness to those around her and has a contagious laugh. Even on the toughest days, she has a bright smile and positive attitude. Miss Aviana is definitely a great leader in our classroom and our campus is lucky to have a student with such a bright future. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher so she can help kids learn to read!

Gallardo Elementary

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Mrs. Elizabeth Herring is a phenomenal first grade teacher at Gallardo. She has created a classroom culture that fosters student collaboration, inclusion, and care. Her students love getting involved with her on holiday events, spirit weeks, and so much more. She loves to dress up on any school function and is always ready to step up for her team. The students in her class love her and are excited to come to school to engage in many fun hands-on learning opportunities. She is kind, compassionate and so much fun. Most importantly, she is a reflective practitioner who thinks deeply about her positive impact on her students. Thank you, Mrs. Herring, for making Gallardo fun for your students. We appreciate you and all you do for the Gallardo community. Congratulations!
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Gary Favella is a first grade rockstar!!!! Each morning he arrives at school with the best attitude for learning. He walks into the cafeteria, pulls out his Ipad and begins reading/listening to stories and takes an AR quiz each morning. His leadership has also influenced other students to join in on the reading and AR fun. Not only has Gary been an AR leader for his grade level, but he has also been a Cardinal leader by showing his love, respect, and pride for his school. Everyday when his lunch is over, he assists our custodial staff in cleaning up the cafeteria by picking up wrappers that he finds on the floor. His act of love, respect and pride, has also influenced other first graders to help in the cafeteria clean up. Gary is a model student who displays Cardinal Pride and integrity throughout the school day. We are very proud of our Gallardo scholar!

Menchaca Early Childhood Center

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Let’s welcome Ms. De La Rosa to Menchaca ECC! This is her first year with SISD and Menchaca. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are glad she joined our kinder team. She is dedicated to providing a high quality education to her students, paired with life skills that will carry them throughout the stages of their educational journey. Ms. De La Rosa has an upbeat personality and positive outlook that adds to the culture of the school. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our young scholars. Go Kinder!
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Camden has been a great leader in our classroom! He is always ready to learn and share his knowledge with friends. He works hard in everything he does and sets a great example for others. He participates in all the campus events and shows his school spirit well. Super proud of you Camden. Keep up the great work!