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Southside High School

Our Cardinal Spotlight is Leticia Santos. Ms Santos started working for SISD in 2010. She graduated from UTSA with a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies specializing in Bilingual Education. She earned a master's degree in Counseling and Certification in Leadership. She has held different jobs, Lead Counselor, HR Coordinator, CTE Coordinator. She has a 17 year old son and 27 year old daughter, both products of the southside community. Her son is in the early college high school program here at SHS. Her daughter is attending NYU Wagner for graduate school and lives in New York City.
Currently, she is the CTE District Coordinator and enjoys working with all the CTE teachers along with the leadership team at Southside High School. The CTE department plays a major role in the district's accountability ratings and under the guidance and support from Ms. Santos, the CTE teachers have certified over 150 students in different programs of study. The CTE department held their 3rd annual CTE award ceremony where all students were recognized for their accomplishments. Another huge accomplishment this year is the JET grant that our Welding department earned in the amount of $289,000.
Juan Palma is one of our Sophomores here at SHS and has been a Southside Cardinal all of his life. He's an exemplary student and a huge part of our school's extracurricular culture. Not only is Juan a future Drum Major for our band, he's also a co-leader for our D&D Club and a competitor for our Debate, Number Sense, and Informative Speaking UIL teams. Beyond that, Juan is also a kind and caring person that always strives to help those around him. We couldn't be more proud of him and everything he brings to our Cardinal Family!

Losoya Middle School

Jessica Gutierrez is our girls athletic coordinator here at Losoya. She is practical and down to earth. She joined us this year after having been an English teacher. She and her colleagues have had a wonderful impact on our girls athletics program here at Losoya. She is currently working on her Masters degree in administration, and will one day prove to be an awesome administrator. During her free time, she relishes the time spent with her husband, family, and friends.
Maverick Lomax is a 7th grader at Losoya Middle School. He joined us last year and has shown tremendous growth this year. He participates in Theatre Arts, but says he still gets a little nervous when he is doing a solo performance. His favorite subject is science, and I remember him showing me pictures of different dog breeds last year. Since then, his reading has become more focused on how life has evolved here on earth, and he continues to be an avid reader. At home he likes going fishing with his family and helping to care for his five dogs- Shadow, Tucker, Duke, Ruby, and Gauge.

Julius L. Matthey Middle School

Mrs. Ramos is Matthey's famous and fabulous Social Worker! Her positive attitude and smile is contagious. She works closely with our counselors and administrators to provide our students with social-emotional support. Our students regularly engage with her for advice and assurance. She is quite active in all of Matthey's activities during and after school. She is a valuable member of the Matthey Family! We love her!
Sydney Gutierrez is this week’s Matthey Cardinal spotlight. As a 6th grader, Sydney plays a very active role both in and outside of school. Sydney currently plays the flute in the Matthey band. However, over the summer, she intends to learn how to play the saxophone in order to take part in the jazz band during her 7th grade year. In addition, she is currently part of our pre-athletics program. Sydney hopes to play volleyball and run track for Matthey next school year while continuing to play softball for an outside league. Sydney is an excellent student academically and a true role model for our students. We are looking forward to seeing great things from Sydney in the future.

William Pearce Primary

Pearce 2nd grade student Itze Garza is a kind, caring, and loving student. Itze is a member of the AR Book Club. She loves to draw, gymnastics, tumbling, cats, and Hot Cheetos. When you talk to Itze, you can't help but smile because she gives off positive energy anywhere she goes. When she sees you in the morning, she always says "Good Morning!" and before she leaves, she gives you a big hug! Thank you, Itze for your kindness, uniqueness, and leadership. We are very lucky to have you!
Pearce Instructional Coach Sabrina Gonzalez has hit the ground running in her new role. She is a hard worker, supporter of teachers, full of creativity and ideas, and a wonderful asset to the leadership team. She is collaborative, positive, approachable, and a fast learner. Sabrina loves to spend time with family, keep up to date with instructional strategies, arts and crafts, and reading. Sabrina has taken coaching to a whole new level at our campus. She is loved for her initiative, teamwork, and awesome communication skills. We are very lucky to have her on board!

Heritage Elementary

This week’s Heritage Staff Spotlight is our STEAM Teacher, Carol Calderon. Ms. Calderon is such a pleasure to work with because she is always willing to help and it is with a positive attitude too. She has been at Heritage for 13 years and has worked as a 3rd grade teacher, math specialist, home school virtual teacher during COVID, and now as our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) teacher. An example of her willingness to help came up this Spring. Because of her extensive and varied experience, she was asked to step in and assist with 5th grade. Ms. Calderon jumped right in and made a difference for many students. Now she is jumping back to STEAM like it’s “just any other day.” Thank you for your easy going nature and dedication to our students and congratulations on being named the Heritage Staff Spotlight!
This week we are honoring Amado Gonzalez for his tremendous efforts in his education and contribution to the Heritage campus. He is a hardworking 5th grade student who has a unique way of getting things done. During the day, you can find Amado using a pair of headphones to minimize the noise around him but strengthen the concentration in his assignments. He is intelligent, creative, and loves to give hugs. If you are ever having a bad day, Amado will find a way to brighten it up. With this being his first year here at Heritage, we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn about humbleness from him. Before you leave us for Matthey, just know we are proud of you! Amado, congratulations on being the Heritage Student Spotlight this week.

Freedom Elementary

Mrs. Priscilla Juarez started with us as one of our amazing Paraprofessionals while she was in school finishing her teaching degree and certification. This year we were able to hire her as one of our 5th Grade Dual Language teachers. We have been so impressed and pleased with what an amazing job Mrs. Juarez is doing. She came in and quickly started to build strong relationships with her students. She has excellent classroom management, but mostly she challenges her students daily to give their very best, no matter the task. Thank you for doing such an amazing job Mrs. Juarez!
Kristina Campos is one of our amazing 4th Grade students. She greets everyone with a “ good morning”, a “have a good day”, or simply a genuine smile to show how much she cares. Her teacher, Ms. Arellano, admits she is not big on hugs, but Kristina doesn't care. She is always ready to give her a great big bear hug every morning and deep down, Ms. Arellano admits she loves it! Ms. Areallano also says that Kristina’s bubbly personality and positive attitude never seem to waiver, even on the most challenging days. Anytime we’ve had a new student join our class this year (and there have been more than a few), this student is always the first one to welcome them, help them get situated, and make sure the newest member of our class feels included, even at recess.She is the best example of what being a genuine friend means and I am so proud that she in my class.

Gallardo Elementary

Mrs. Herring is an energetic educator who is highly involved in school activities, loves to promote her student’s awesome work, and leads by example with having a positive attitude everyday. Recently Ms. Herring’s students published a book where each student selected a sea creature, conducted research, drew a picture, and wrote about their sea creature. Students were ecstatic to accomplish this goal and were even celebrated during a class publishing party with their parents. She is adamant about strong positive relationships with students and parents. During class, you will often hear students give each other praise and positive reinforcement. Mrs. Herring commits to being involved in every student dress up day. She shows her class the importance of getting involved in school activities and how much fun students can have when they are involved. We are beyond excited to have Mrs. Herring as this week’s cardinal spotlight.
Chloe Gonzalez is a phenomenal fifth grade student in Ms. Giddens class. She is always the first one to offer a helping hand to her peers. She takes on any challenge and is willing to support her peers when learning gets difficult. Chloe is never afraid to raise her voice and advocate for others. Daily, she leads with the Cardinal Way of being safe, responsible, and respectful. Her positive attitude is contagious! She works hard to maintain her great grades and is a leader in the classroom. We are excited to recognize Chloe as this week’s cardinal spotlight.

Menchaca Early Childhood Center

Rebel is our newest addition and is doing great in the classroom. She picked up our class rules and routines quickly and even helps remind the other students. She helps those who need assistance, like opening up their breakfast or at clean-up time. Way to go, Rebel!

Ms. Edna Lopez Vasquez joined the MECC family this year and we are happy to have her. She eagerly volunteers to work for the early drop off at 6:30am welcoming students into the cafeteria and assisting them to their hallways at 6:50. Additionally, she co-sponsored the LEGO club with Mrs. Trinidad to offer kindergarteners the opportunity to explore, learn, create, and construct. She pushed their thinking and developed their curiosity. Ms. Lopez Vasquez is a great addition to our campus!