We honor our Police and Security Guards!

National Law Enforcement Week

Police and security
Officer Ruben Cardenas and Security Guard Mr. William Marsh help out while SISD Child Nutrition workers pass out meals to SISD students and family.
Speech month
Raymond Feeding Child Nutrition workers 2

Restaurant Owner handed out free lunches to Southside Child Nutrition Workers

Raymond Diaz with Everybody Loves Raymond's Burgers said he just wanted to give back to the employees who have been working hard to keep the community and our students fed during the COVID 19 school facility closures. Diaz is a graduate of SHS and a proud Cardinal community member.

End of Year Material and

Personal Item Pick-up

End of Year Material and Personal Item Pick-up
Cardinal Nation, it is nearly time to wrap up a history-making year. As we all continue to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic, we are making arrangements per campus and department for each of you to pick up and drop off personal and district-related items. Please contact your respective supervisors and campus contacts for instructions and timelines on how to …

A Southside Social Worker Wins Walmart Grant!

A Southside Social Worker Wins Walmart Grant!
Congratulations! The Walmart Community Grants Team and Facility # 1313  contacted social worker Heather Thatcher this week that her application for a Community Grant was selected! The Walmert team said, "We are thrilled to support your work in our communities and share your desire to provide local impact." Mrs. Thatcher serves, Matthey MS, Freedom and Heritage. The grant will be …

Thank you Southside ISD Teachers from

Bexar County Judge

Thank you Southside ISD Teachers from BC Judge
Click here for a special video message for teachers from Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff.

Local Celebrities Say "Thank You" to Southside Teachers!

Southside educators, At the beginning of this school year, we talked about all of us being  “teachers”  in education. In some way, whether you are a bus driver, in child nutrition or a veteran of the classroom, we are all teaching and learning in this journey.  We are reminded today that what we do goes beyond Southside, your work is …

Pre-register now for May 23 food distribution

Pre-register now for May 9 food distribution
Families wishing to obtain food on Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. at the Southside ISD Kym Rapier Food Pantry must now pre-register. Pre-registering lets the San Antonio Food Bank plan for the event. Pre-registering is fast and easy. Please help families or people in need who do not have Internet access. Click here to pre-register. Families or individuals …

Free Help for Parents! PBS is now offering free PBS Learning Media

Click here for more details
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