These updates are to inform SISD employees during the COVID 19 Public Health Pandemic. SISD will aim to give all employees the latest information as it becomes available.
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While schools are closed All Southside ISD Employees will continue to get paid.

The City of San Antonio Issued an order to

"Stay at home and Work Safe."

Click here for more from Mayor Ron Nirenberg

Southside ISD will be adding restrictions that comply with the efforts the city and the county are issuing. We are also monitoring statewide restrictions to keep everyone safe during the COVID 19 pandemic. "Essential personnel" will be contacted directly if needed to come in and work. All other SISD employees are being asked to stay at home. Please stay in touch with your direct supervisor at this time. #alonetogether #southsidestrong

As of today, March 24, 2020, here are the latest updates:

  • Academics: School is Back in Session - *Online and at home Only*
    • Online learning and In-Person Instructional Packets for Pickup start Tuesday, March 24th. Click here for more details.
    • Students are being contacted by Teachers directly to help gear them up for distance learning.
    • The SISD Technology department has been working hard to get devices (aka computers) to students who will need them. A form will be sent out to parents to fill out prior to picking them up.
    • Monday, March 23rd, Board Meeting: The BOM approved the purchase of 900 laptops and 250 hotspots for students to continue their work at home.
      • The meeting was also streamed live for the first time. To watch future meetings go to https://southsideisd.org/golive.
      • No updates on Superintendent Search. The Board of Managers did meet to approve several items for SISD to purchase necessary items and more. Another email with a breakdown of last's night's meeting will be coming out soon.
    • Meals will continue to be given out. Transportation will be working on a plan to get meals out to some of our families that are having trouble with transportation.
    • Several companies are NOW offering free or discounted wifi. Please share the news with the community. Here are some links:
    • FAQs are online. Please email us with more questions so we can update.
    • There is a new website. check it out southsideisd.org.
    • Texas Education Agency waived STARR Test.
    • Reports cards will also be coming out as scheduled.
  • Schools are still closed through April 3, 2020. If there is an update It will come directly from the superintendent.
  • The SISD Police Department is staffed and helping out all over the district daily.
  • The business office is operating with strict social distancing rules. Please contact Sharon Cardenas with any questions as she is still assisting the department and CFO from home.
  • Child Nutrition works continue to step up to help with meal distribution Monday - Friday. Meals are prepared daily and handed out at noon.
  • Cancelations:
    • 2020 SHS Prom has been canceled. Students are being contacted directly to receive refunds.
    • The March 24th Bond Community meeting has been canceled.
    • ALL UIL events have been Canceled or Postponed. Click here for a list of Cancelations.
    • All Atheltic and Extracurricular Practices at SISD have been canceled.
    • All student trips have been canceled.
    • Casino Night has been postponed for the Fall.
Human Resources:
  • If you have questions about initiating a self-quarantine, or who should self-quarantine please contact HR.
  • If you have pending questions about your status, leave or other HR matters please contact the HR team directly.
Thank you,
Southside ISD

2020 Census is coming

Do you want better roads, plan bus routes and draw school district boundaries? You'll have the chance by participating in the 2020 Census. As mandated by the U.S. Constitution, America gets just once chance each decade to count its population. The Census Bureau counts every residents in the United States. These numbers are used to draw school and voting districts. …
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