Southside ISD Welcomes New Transportation Coordinator, Mr. Kevin Neafie

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We welcomed him from NISD, where he was a router. He started sub-school bus driving as a college student in Flordia, and it had an impact on him. Mr. Neafie also has a background as a broadcast engineer, which may come in handy as one of his priorities is increasing the communications and profile of the transportation department. “[I am]… here to make Southside Transportation the number one transportation department in the state!”
Mr. Neafie is certified through the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT). He often updates and is a lifelong learner of all things transportation through the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation.  He is excited to start working here at Southside ISD.
“I always tell people I bleed yellow and black. I have a passion for the industry, and I have a passion for children, and I just like to help people and service people… “
He says he looks forward to improving the service here and capitalizing on all the fantastic talent we already have in the department. He hopes the community is just as excited as he is. “I am a school bus nerd.”
Welcome to Southside ISD, Mr. Neafie.