SISD Board Members Earn Honored Distinction


Southside ISD Trustees Earn Honored Distinctions in Leadership Training

San Antonio, TX – Southside ISD trustees Lisa L. Salazar, Brenda Olivarez, and  Katie Farias have each earned the designation of Master Trustee upon completion of Leadership TASB, a program sponsored by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).  The board members received extensive training on effective board governance and heard keynote addresses from renowned education experts.  Mrs. Katie Farias graduated from LTASB on June 22, 2024.  Mrs. Salazar is a graduate of the Leadership Texas Association of School Boards (LTASB) class of  2008, and  Mrs. Olivarez is a graduate of the class of 2023. 

Class participants researched five specific critical issues in Texas public education. The Leadership TASB class met with TASB’s Summer Leadership Institute in Fort Worth. The 2024 Leadership TASB class, composed of 33 school board members, represents Texas school districts of all sizes and property wealth.

Southside ISD is proud of all seven of its board members for the amazing work they do to serve the district’s families. As lifelong learners themselves, they understand the importance of continuing education. We thank them for their service and commitment to public schools. 

 TASB is a voluntary, nonprofit association established in 1949 to serve local Texas school boards. School board members are the state’s largest group of publicly elected officials.