Employees Rewarded for Cyber Vigilance in Annual Phishing Awareness Drawing

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In a concerted effort to bolster cybersecurity practices, Southside ISD recently held its 1st annual Phishing Awareness Drawing, celebrating employees who maintained a perfect record in avoiding test phishing emails over the past year. The event, designed to promote cybersecurity awareness, drew participation from staff across all campuses and departments.

The highlight of the drawing was the announcement of the winners. The grand prize, an HP Elitebook 645 laptop, went to Nency De La Cruz, a history teacher at Matthey Middle School. Other winners received various awards, including gift packs and summer-themed prizes. All prizes were donated by district sponsors, including the laptop, which was donated by Intech Southwest.

“Our employees’ commitment to cybersecurity is essential in protecting our organization from potential threats,” said Cliff Herring, Director of Technology. “This drawing is our way of recognizing and rewarding those who consistently demonstrate vigilance and a strong understanding of phishing threats.”

The winners were randomly selected from a pool of employees who successfully identified and refrained from clicking on any test phishing emails sent throughout the year. The initiative not only rewards individuals but also underscores the importance of cybersecurity awareness in the workplace.

The “Phishing Awareness Campaign” is part of Southside ISD’s broader strategy to cultivate a security-conscious culture, ensuring all employees know how to identify and avoid potential cyber threats.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, Southside ISD remains committed to investing in employee training and awareness programs to safeguard its digital environment.

List of winners:

Prize Winner Campus/Dept
Laptop Nency Delacruz Matthey MS
Sprinkler Seahorse Pool Luzzie Cisneros Pearce ES
Sprinkler Seahorse Pool Johnathan Bishop SHS
Sprinkler Seahorse Pool Kristi Scott Pearce ES
Vivacity Tech Gift Pack Ashley Ramirez SHS
Vivacity Tech Gift Pack Christina Vaca MECC
Vivacity Backpack Maria C Dominguez Central Office
District Sponsor Gift Pack Diana Escobar MECC
District Sponsor Gift Pack Denise Mikulenka Matthey MS
District Sponsor Gift Pack Carlos Peralta Central Office