Attendance Winners Announced!

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Elementary Perfect Attendance:

Visa Gift Card – Dia L Aguero – Pearce
Visa Gift Card – Ziovanni Rangel – MECC

Elementary 97% Attendance:

HEB Gift Card  – Xsavier Sohn C Olguin – Pearce
HEB Gift Card  Lorenzo J Sendejo – Pearce

Elementary 97% Attendance:

Main Event Family Pack  – Juan C Ramirez – Pearce
Main Event Family Pack  – Evelyn J Starks – Pearce

Secondary Perfect Attendance:

Visa Gift Card  – Miranda L Gallegos – LMS
Visa Gift Card –  Jared A. Argueta – MMS

Secondary 97% Attendance:

HEB Gift Card  – Gary A Shipman – SHS
HEB Gift Card  – Genaro Valadez – SHS


Secondary 97% Attendance:

Main Event Family Pack – Lexiana A Suarez – LMS

Main Event Family Pack – Jacob O Best – SHS

Staff Attendance Winners 

Main Event Family Pack – Celena Hernandez – MECC
Main Event Family Pack – Helen Garcia – Pearce
Main Event Family Pack –  Rita Martinez – MECC
Main Event Family Pack  – Yolanda Guerra – 997 SHS
Spurs Parker Bobbehead prize packet – Norma Fernandez – 915 Pearce
Spurs Ginobili Bobbehead prize packet – Robin Horner – SHS


Click Here to see the announcement from Superintendent of Schools Rolando Ramirez and PEIMS Director Corina Sanchez.