Southside ISD Jumbotron Crew Takes the Spotlight at KENS5’s Great Day SA


Students from Southside High School’s Jumbotron Crew were invited by Justin Calderon, a Photojournalist and Editor from KENS5 to be part of a live segment of Great Day SA. This unique opportunity not only placed them in the spotlight as part of the live audience but also provided an invaluable behind-the-scenes look into the world of live broadcasting.

Picture this: these high school, excited-to-learn students step into the studio, and bam!—they’re in the world of live TV, where every second counts. They got front-row seats to all the action, from the hosts’ antics to the show-stopping segments, giving them a taste of media magic.

The Jumbotron students were given the star treatment and were able to rub elbows with the whole crew, firing off questions and getting in on the action. This wasn’t just any field trip, It was a peek behind the curtain. Back at school, students were buzzing with gratitude for the chance to dive into their potential future careers.

Click here to view photos of their visit to KENS5.